Neo Convent Sr. Sec. School

Principal's Desk


        In the inaugural issue, I had talked about ‘survival of the fittest’. I had a word of caution for the young ones against the pitfalls of materialism i.e. opportunities, selfishness and corruption which ultimately lead to a troubled soul.

        From this forum, I would like to address the parents, as no one can have a greater influence on children, than their parents. I request the parents not to fulfil their responsibility by merely financing the children. Dear parents spend some meaningful time with your children, talk to them, listen and share their dreams and activities, by doing so, you can inculcate in them a habits of differentiating between right and wrong, a gift only humans are blessed with.

       A child, who is truly loved, healthy and secure, perform well. It is only in hands of such children that future will be safe, ‘our future’.

       The dream of Neo Darpan appears to have become a reality with this issue. Commend the entire editorial team for its hard work and hope you all appreciate its efforts.

God bless you all

                                                                                                            Dr.Kushal Deep Kaur