“We impart Education, not Literacy”

Our student’s Board Examination results speak for the dedication, sincerity and caring attitude of our staff and the school’s performance. We consistently average over 3.19 Distinctions per student appearing in Board Examination and nearly every year receive a Merit Certificate from C.B.S.E. We proudly announce that this Merit Certificate is given for securing top 0.1% position in the Board Examination. Not only do the Neonians get placed in best Universities and Colleges but they also make the school proud by securing admissions in prestigious professional Colleges like Maulana Azad, Lady Harding, I.I.T., AFMC etc.
At the same time “Neo Shiksha Abhiyan” is our commitment for the up- liftment of the economically backward sections of the society.
Our accomplishments in the extra-curricular fields are no less. We are the Zonal winners in Hand Ball and Basket Ball, out students bag a basket full of prizes in dramatics, music, debates, science projects, etc. The school also has the honour of holding the prestigious C.B.S.E. Inter School Basket Ball Tournaments repeatedly.