Our Campus

“We impart Education, not Literacy”


The school has a large campus spread over 3.38 acres. It  is planned in a way so as to make the students conscious of their environment. Natural greens abound and the children are taught to respect and take care of them. The play grounds suffice to fulfill all the playing needs of the children i.e. Basketball, Volleyball, Skating, Badminton, Handball, Cricket etc.




Curriculum is carefully designed to be age-appropriate with a judicious mixture of work and play. There is no spoon feeding. We allow the child to express and share his viewpoints. Rote-learning is simply discouraged here.




The school has fully equipped different Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.To develop creativity, inquisitiveness and make future Einsteins, children from class III onwards are made to visit these laboratories.



The school has two different Computer Laboratories. The student of all classes from 1st onwards are motivated to use them for their curricular and extra curricular activities.


To arouse interest in teaching and to take a break from monotony of text books a separate Audio Visual Room with aids is used regularly for all the subjects by the students from class 1st onwards.


E- Learning


The school has an in-house developed website- www.neoconventschool.com. The site besides giving the information about school enables each student to log in with his/her unique I.D. an interact with the teachers. Support on lectures held in classes, solved answer sheets of ‘tests held’, extra study material etc. are on the site for the children to take advantage of. Besides this the children and their guardians also are encouraged to interact individually with their wards teachers through E-mail which is again unique for each teacher. The school also has an inhouse made software where in the records of all the students are stored for instant access and availability.


Class rooms are being equipped with LCD TVs, computers, internet access for teachers and students to use.


The complete campus is fully equipped with Wi-Fi Internet Facility.

The entire school campus is under electronic surveillance system and is equipped with CCTV for safety and security concerns.
The school regularly sends messages to the parents about their ward’s absenteeism, marks, reminder about circulars etc. This enables to keep the parent regularly in loop regarding their ward’s attendance, performance etc.   


The school has a colorful and air- conditioned kindergarten wing with well- equipped smart classes presenting 2D and 3D story telling, rhymes and visuals through projectors for our toddlers.