Dear Parents,

 In the context of the Covid 19  Pandemic and the challenges thereof, the School has done its utmost to impart education effectively, whether through uploading of lectures, assignments, chat with teachers or on-line classes. These methodologies of teaching being different  from the conventional ones, certain points are being advised to be followed in the interest of all.

 It is advisable that one of the parents be around when your ward is attending on-line classes. This will help in overall monitoring your wards usage of digital devises – the content as well as usage time. Since we are talking about usage of digital devices it is also recommended that protective devices like screen guards, protective eye wear etc be regularly used.

 Please note that the time tables for different classes have been drafted keeping in view the various aspects like health of the children and their learning ability. It is important to note that excessive exposure of digital devices can adversely effect the health of your wards. 

 Another point which I would like to stress is that sooner or later regular School is bound to begin, so inculcate a sense of routine and discipline in your wards. Proper decent attire and attitude does help in creating a decent and congenial atmosphere of learning.

 Correct posture is also imperative while using laptops/mobiles. The attached photographs demonstrate not only the best posture but also the arrangement for usage of such devices. 





 It is earnestly felt that you all will follow the above advices in true spirit.