Student's Article

India Of My Dreams

Slow and gradual changes are part of our life and development of a country is also a similar process.
As the candle helps to spread light. Similarly the people of our country are required to support the growth of India.
Changes occur when we change things and there is a need to bring change in attitude and outlook of people towards their country.
India of my dreams is the place with good environment for old age, a scenario where there is changed view of people towards the poor and a comfortable environment for the people who play a prominent role in India's development, i.e., our 'Indian soldiers'.
In today's world, hardly any importance is given to old age people. Families are reducing into nuclear families and old age homes are increasing. Old people require love and affection. In my dream country there would be no old face with disgrace and sorrow.
The next most important thing is, changed attitude pf people towards the poor. A changed attitude would help them to look differently towards their country. A changed attitude is not just required by the upper class but also by the lower class. They need to understand that begging is not the solution to their problems nor increase in number of family members is a good solution.
In my dream country, everyone has enough power to stand for truth, everyone has will power to stand against wrong and everyone has a soft heart to help a needy. I not only dream of a healthy, wealthy and prosperous country but also a country with unity, with kindness and the utmost requirement is the country built with trust which is a base for humanity to stand.

A diamond may come out from coal but brightens its surroundings with its glitter. Same is the case with us, may we live in blackness where many of us surrounded by unhealthy environment but we require to shine as a diamond to build up our dream India.

We are the one's who can bring the Change.

By- Jaspreet Singh